NEC Framework Contract - inclusion of non NEC Contracts for Task orders

Can a non-NEC contract be used to let specific Work Orders through an NEC Framework Contract?

We are currently in discussion with a Client on the best way to procure various packages of works with a singular contractor which will take place over a number of years, at times the specific of which will not be known until closer to the point at which the works will be required. The works are varied in nature and as such it appears that it might be suitable for these to be let under multiple NEC contracts, and as such we are considering contracting using the NEC Framework Contract. It is however likely that we would need to procure key elements of the work through a non-NEC contract due to the specific nature and as such i wanted to know if the Framework allows for the use of Non-NEC contracts when issuing Works Orders?


There is nothing to stop you doing this. I have seen this approach used several times in the past.

Practically speaking, you would need to include the equivalent of the Contract Data that you would otherwise be providing for an NEC based contract. You should include a template. You should also ensure that the Framework Information, selection procedure and quotation procedure are drafted appropriately to recognise this arrangement.

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