NEC ECC: ECI - Additional clause for use with the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC)

We currently have a framework agreement which makes provision for the use of NEC3 PSC and ECC forms of contract plus Z clauses. The agreement however was formed at the same time as the ECI supplement was issued and did not form part of the Framework Agreement. We currently have a project which would benefit from the ECI process, and seek clarity if it possible to include the ECI clauses for individual projects awarded going forward without amending the framework agreement?

I don’t know the particulars of your framework.

However, my gut feel would be that the main document to amend would be the contracts that you enter into under the framework to incorporate the ECI supplement wording prior to your directors signing it or starting work under it.

You may also need to amend the Framework Agreement to reflect this, but it could quite literally be adding in a statement to say that the Parties agree that the ECI clauses can be used for an individual contract.