NEC ECC: Is cost of fuel for machines on site recoverable within the SCC?

NEC3 ECC option C. We are using excavators and dumper trucks on site which are clearly recoverable under equipment of the SCC. What about the fuel that we are using to run the machines? Where under the SCC does it state that is recoverable, as I have a Project Manager who says that is not recoverable and should be included within the fee.

Suggest that you point the PM towards SCC item 25

This is a little tricky as the standard form SCC does not include the word “fuel”. Is there an argument to be made for fuel being captured under item 25, “payments for the purchase price of Equipment which is consumed”?

The NEC’s own guidance notes could be useful for your argument - though l appreciate that they are not binding: fuel is mentioned in the explanatory notes for the Equipment cost component, and there is no mention of fuel in the notes for the Fee.