NEC ECS Option A - SSOCC - Items not listed

Hi all,


Main Contractor is assessing a valid CE claim from a Subcontractor

The Subcontractor is claiming for both Van & Fuel (£80)

Main Contractors checks the SSOCC and find no mention of Van listed

Main Contractors assess the Van & Fuel element at Nil with refence to cl52.1

Scenario closed

Is the Main Contractor within their right to assess this value at Nil and any other items that aren’t listed within the SSOCC?

The published list of Equipment references ‘National Hire Companies’ which also makes no reference to rates for Vans & Fuel

Thanks in advance all comments are welcome and appreciated.

The short answer is likely to be no. But it depend on the contract option

A van is usually classified as equipment and the fuel as equipment which is consumed.

If there is no item on the published list, then the defined cost for it is calculated from open market prices, so the local short term rates would apply.

I’d have to admit that this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone make an argument that vans and fuel are in the fee, but you may have an amended contract.