NEC ECC: Plant cost recoverable?

Plant owned, not hired in externally so no invoice to prove specific hire for a task, but used for Compensation Event. Client is suggesting that as plant is on site, or used on other contracts with them in the vicinity of this project (big development so colleague could collect in van), or owned but bought from another site with no docket to prove delivery is deemed free of charge.

Lots of small compensation events with breakers, wacker plates, pumps etc. Nec option A.

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The client is not right here.

Under Option A you assess compensation events using the Shorter Schedule of Cost Components (SSoCC). This schedule defines what and how the Contractor recovers Defined Cost. Component 2 - Equipment describes the type of plant you are describing which is assessed using rates from the published list stated in the Contract Data x amount of time required for the compensation event.

There are a couple of exceptions to this covered by items 22 and 27 in the SSoCC but the type of plant (which NEC defines as Equipment!) you are describing will generally be covered by lists published in the UK by RICS and CECA.