NEC 3 & 4 SOCC - Fuel, Oils, Lubricants & Other Consumables used in relation to hired Equipment

Working on an ITT that utilises NEC 4 - Option E and upon review of the SOCC it’s not clear where Fuel, Oils, Lubricants and other consumables associated with the hire and ongoing use of equipment are captured.

I believe they would fall under Section 2, Item 25 “Payments for the purchase price of equipment which is consumed” however the wording used can be interpreted in a number of different ways.

Can anyone clarify where these items are captured and/or if the intent of the SOCC was to capture these under 2 - 25 please?


If you have the guidance notes handy, it should be clear that item 25 includes “fuels, lubricants, shuttering materials, welding rods and other similar items”. Therefore, in my view, your interpretation is correct.