Professional Service Subcontract - Why no 'Short' version?

Hello I’m wondering why there isn’t a short version of the PSS, does anyone know?

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@benjamin.bjork your question is somewhat unclear. There is a NEC3 Professional Services Short Contract, April 3013. It has ISBN 978-0-77277-5889-7.

This is a good question, especially as numerous other forms of NEC contract have been published in recent years.

There is a ‘short’ version of the recent Facilities Management Subcontract but not the Professional Services Subcontract and neither of the Term Service Subcontract.

Maybe NEC will publish these in the not too distant future !

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Ben, the reference to PSS in your original question is actually referring to the Professional Services Subcontract (PSS), so hence the confusion with your question.

Yes there is a short form version of the Professional Services Contract (PSC) which is the PSSC, launched as an NEC3 contract in 2013, as Neil has said. This was updated for the NEC4 edition, published in 2017 hence the reason for the date.

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Hello Andrew

Sorry I did mean the Professional Services Subcontract (PSS). What I couldnt understand is why there isnt an NEC4 Professional Services Short Subcontract (PSS) - for simple design tasks.

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