NEC3 ECSC: Lack of 61.1 in the Short contract?

61.1 states “Contractor notifies a CE if the Employer has not notified the event to the Contractor”, but where does it say that the Employer should or even can notify a compensation event? Where is the equivalent of ECC clause 61.1 and why is it not needed in the Short contract

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The answer to the first part of your question “where is the equivalent … ?” is that there is not a direct equivalent, although the second bullet point implies that they can.

Why ? Having been lead on the development of the Professional Services Short Contract (PSSC) , under the short forms you have to be absolutely ruthless in cutting the contract back to its bones. Our first draft of the PSSC read more like a Professional Services Medium length contract so we went back to the drawing board and cut some more as well as re-engineering, to some extent, the whole CE procedure.

So this is my guess : they decided it wasn’t absolutely necessary for the contracts operation.