NEC3 ECSC: Lack of 61.1 in the Short contract?

61.1 states “Contractor notifies a CE if the Employer has not notified the event to the Contractor”, but where does it say that the Employer should or even can notify a compensation event? Where is the equivalent of ECC clause 61.1 and why is it not needed in the Short contract


The answer to the first part of your question “where is the equivalent … ?” is that there is not a direct equivalent, although the second bullet point implies that they can.

Why ? Having been lead on the development of the Professional Services Short Contract (PSSC) , under the short forms you have to be absolutely ruthless in cutting the contract back to its bones. Our first draft of the PSSC read more like a Professional Services Medium length contract so we went back to the drawing board and cut some more as well as re-engineering, to some extent, the whole CE procedure.

So this is my guess : they decided it wasn’t absolutely necessary for the contracts operation.

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