NEC4 Option A with Pricing Schedule Equipment Rates

The agreed equipment Rates are itemized units per day can i charge for weekends, we wouldn’t be working over the weekend period, but in the same regards we wouldn’t off hire then re hire equipment over the weekend periods.


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I’m assuming you are referring to assessing a compensation event. In simple terms, the Defined Cost for the Equipment should be assessed based on the time it is required for the compensation event. Therefore if it is not working over the weekend there is “no charge” for that period. What hire arrangements you have do not influence the rates.

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Hi thanks for your response, No we are at the pricing stage on a large contract under NEC4 TSC Option A with price list. A was wondering as we have security over weekend periods requiring the welfare generator etc do we allow for 7 days a week or just the 5 work days.

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if the Equipment is working then yes it should be included.

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