NEC ECC: What people rates are to be used for weekend working?

The Contractor’s Clause 31 programme on an Option A contract shows all works activities being carried out on a 5 day working week (Monday to Friday).

If, to minimise disruption, weekend working for a non-critical activity is imposed by the PM, I’m assuming that this would be a change to the works information and hence a compensation event?

If this assumtion is correct, would this CE result in any change change to the Prices (I’m thinking of the people rates in Contract Data Part 2)?

First of all, whether it was or not a compensation event would depend on the wording of the instruction from the Project Manager and/or why it was instructed. E.g. if there was compensation event which has caused delay and the PM has instructed the quotation based on weekend working to minimise the delay.

Under clause 63.1 of both NEC3 and NEC4 ECC, there has to be a change in Defined Cost to the Contractor to change the Prices. So if the Contractor is paying out more to its people as a result, then ‘Yes’ the Prices would change.