NEC3 ECC: Evaluation of Missing BQ Items when not arising from a change to the WI

Based on your response to this question, I have a similar situation about to occur on a project which involves works being undertaken under a combination of both a day and night working regimes. Our BQ identifies each item of works as being either Days or Nights, with a sub note that says ‘assume Day working unless otherwise noted’.

Works have commenced and it is becoming apparent that there are a large number of items of works that have been undertaken at night for which there is no BQ item. Some of these items were measured in the BQ but as ‘Days’ whilst others were not measured at all. I feel the items missed in their entirety from the BQ will be easy to assess, i.e. Defined Cost + Fee. but it is the items for which there was a ‘Day Working’ rate but not ‘Night Working’ that is causing me doubt. Should these items be assessed simply as the extra over cost of Night working in lieu of Day working or should they be assessed as the total defined cost + fee. My reservation is that there has been no change to the Works Information that has given rise to the change from days to nights nor any instruction, just that the Night working item has been missed. There is insufficient information to be able to determine a) whether these works were always intended to be undertaken at night and therefore just a BQ omission or b) whether the works were intended to be undertaken in the Day (as per the BQ) and have shifted to Nights due to revised traffic management phasing?. The only guide we have is the sub-division of works provided by the BQ, which we take to be correct. Can you please advise on the correct approach? If the e.o. route is considered the most appropriate for those items shifting from day to night, would the correct approach be to fully assess the new ‘night’ item at defined cost + fee and then fully assess the original bq ‘day’ item at defined cost + fee to arrive at the extra over cost with the original BQ rate being ignored in the assessment?

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Jonty, I know that your question was directed towards Jon, but in the meantime the following would be my view.

From your description, it appears that the Employer has set a precedence in differentiating between “Day Working” and “Night Working”. You state that it cannot be established if there has been a change in shift pattern due to a change in Works Information therefore there being no CE under 60.1(1). However you have not said if the PM accepts there are mistakes in the BoQ, based on the precedence set, which in accordance with clause 60.6 would be compensation events (I’m assuming you are on either Option B or D and the standard provisions have not been amended by a Z clause).

If it is clear that the items measured as Day should have been Night then I suggest the assessment should be based on the extra over in Defined Cost + Fee with the difference added to the BoQ rate (I have assumed that there will be no impact on the Accepted Programme).

If it is not clear then I suggest the assessment should be based on Defined Cost + Fee.