Assessing Omissions from BQ under NEC Option B not resulting from a change to the Works Information

Is it correct to simply evaluate a new BQ Item (missed from the original BQ) on the basis of the Forecast Defined Cost of Undertaking the Works? There has been no change to the Works Information, just an error when the Employer prepared the BQ.

Would the situation be any different if for example the Employer had measured an item, but the wrong item, as the item did not accurately relate to the works in the Works Information? e.g. The Works Information requires Stainless Steel Lighting Columns, the BQ measures an item for galvanised steel columns. No change required to the Works Information. Would, in this situation it be correct to simply omit the original incorrect BQ Item and Insert a new one correct one, with the evaluation of the new item based on the Defined Cost of providing a stainless steel lighting column? Or would you in some way have to assess the Defined Cost of providing a galvanised steel lighting column and then work out the extra over cost of providing a stainless steel lighting column? If the latter, what would the new item in the BQ be described as? extra over for providing a stainless lamp column in lieu of a galvanised column?. Struggling to find any guidance on such an event and can see it coming up on a new project we have secured. Many Thanks

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If it is a completely new item, then the answer is β€˜Yes’ : under 63.1, it would be a change to forecast Defined Cost + Fee and this new rate would take the form of an addition to the BoQ which could be as a lump sum (under 63.13).

If there was a wrongly defined rate i.e. defined in WI as Stainless Steel, but listed in BoQ as galvanised and it was clear this description was meant to apply for the stainless steel, then it would be the change in Defined Cost e.g. if all bolts, lightbulbs, cost of fitting etc stayed the same, then it would just be the extra cost of stainless vs galvanised column + Fee.

If on the other hand, the PM was introducing a brand new item into the Works Information and not deleting anything, then they would be worked up from scratch. which there was no rate