NEC ECC: Under Option B do we have to provide all delivery tickets to the Client?

We have been asked to provide all delivery tickets for a project which is on an ECC option B. Do we have to provide all of these tickets for all materials provided on the project and fully incorporated into the works?

This wouldn’t ordinarily be a requirement unless specifically provided for in the Works Information / Scope.

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Option B is a lump sum type contract. You get paid for the actual quantity done of the items listed in the Bill of Quantities i.e. they are remeasured. There would be no requirement to provide delivery tickets, unless it is a specific bill item where the delivery ticket will help prove the quantity done. The only other possible use would be where a compensation event element is being based upon actual Define Cost for an item where work had already been done before it was agreed as a compensation event.

I suggest talking to your Client to understand why they are requesting this. It certainly is not the intent for this to be so much administration for either Party and more importantly what can the Client do with this information contractually, other than that identified above.

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