NEC ECC: Target Option C - WAO - Recreation

The NEC3 Target cost Option C contract advocates the use of the Working Area overhead and within the Schedule of Cost Components CL 44 there is a list of items for inclusion into the WAO, we are currently having a discussion as to what is the definition for item “© recreation” , is there an NEC definition of this?

I am not aware of any NEC definition for this category, although I would be surprised if there is one as the NEC contract is intended to cover a vast spectrum of projects where specific requirements are significantly different and so would probably not wish to impose any implied restrictions.

For example, a Site may be located in a built up area with easy access to facilities, such as shops etc. Conversely, it may be located either in a remote location or within a high security zone with restrictions on movement of People in and out of Site. The Working Areas may also incorporate a compound area which includes accommodation.

Examples of ‘recreation’ could be; television, dvd player, games console, dart board, pool table, radio, sports equipment, including; football, cricket bat/ball, etc.

I think we are generally constrained by our expectation that an NEC contract would operate under ‘typical’ UK conditions but the NEC clearly doesn’t impose this restriction upon itself, suggesting that it can be used for a contract in any jurisdiction. Consequently, you could also include a boomerang in this category !!