NEC 3 ECC - SSCC - Charges Inclusions

Hi, I am currently working on a NEC 3 ECC option A contract.
we are currently assessing a Compensation Event using the Shorter Schedule of Cost Components and a differing of opinion has presented itself in relation to section 4 charges.

I was hoping the forum could give advice on this, in particular the following:

Bullet 1 - payments for the provision and use in the Working Areas of water, gas
and electricity. - Would items such as Generators/Solar panels for powering the site offices and equipment on site be covered here and within the people overhead %?

Bullet 3 - Catering and sanitation - As above, is the intention of this clause to state that canteens and toilets’ are included in the people overhead %?

I realize accommodation is excluded for the people overhead %, but unsure how far the definition of “accommodation” reaches.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

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Hi, bullet 1 - good question; I don’t see why not. I would assume that the original drafting probably had payments to water and electricity companies in mind but it doesn’t say that and if not, then where else can they be recovered? The only other possibility would be as items of Equipment under clauses 21 or 22 or 27 but the opening paragraph of component 2 is clear that any item covered by the people overhead is excluded.

Bullet 3 - the only cost excluded is the cost of accommodation, I think that is pretty clearly referring to the buildings such as portable cabins, etc, that house the equipment, supplies and services for those things, nothing else.

Hope that helps?