Low Complexity and Low Risk Call-Off Contract

Ideally we would like all the contracts in our business area to use NEC, all administered and reported on in one place using our NEC contract admin tool. The paperwork and resource involved in managing each contract needs to be proportionate to the risk and complexity involved.

Our training services team have a need for a simple and straightforward call-off contract for services such as:

  • Training
  • e-learning
  • Project workshop facilitation

We are able to describe the type of services we require, but do not know the timing or quantity over the next 4 years.

NEC4 PSC with Option G added back in has been considered, but as this contract will be administered by our training managers rather than construction/contract professionals it may not be appropriate.

Perhaps a short version (with some adjustment) such as the NEC4 Term Service Short Contract may be a better fit?

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The Professional Services Short Contract would be more appropriate as it does not have the management overhead e.g. a monthly plan to be submitted and accepted.

For Task that can be defined, you can get a price and call them off as and when.

For ones undefined at the Contract Date, you can get an hour &/or day rate upfront. For tasks during the contract that can then be defined, you do rate x forecast hours upfront and retrospectively for those that can’t. All these are effectively a compensation event, but we designed the NEC3 PSSC with these in mind. Wasn’t involved in NEC4 PSSC though :cry: