NEC4 ECC PM Scope of Services

Hi All,

Has ICE / NEC / other Consultancies ever advised on the typical NEC4 ECC Option A PM Scope of Services.

So, for example a Client intends to appoint a consultant/third party to act as NEC4 PM for lets say on an ECC Option A or ECSC construction project. The Client intends to use a NEC4 PSC Option A for the agreement between them and Consultant. Is there a typical template for the scope of services, outlining what the NEC4 PM will do? e.g: pre-contract advise of NEC contract, draft NEC contract, act as NEC PM (in compliance with 9 clauses), use software to manage etc.

I have often referred to RICS PM Scope of services, but wondered if ICE/NEC have ever drafted one.

Many thanks