Webinar - The Key differences between NEC3 and NEC4

This topic is for all questions raised on our webinar “The Key differences between NEC3 and NEC4”. If you haven’t already attend it, you can sign up here:- Webinar - The Key Differences Between NEC3 and NEC4 | Built Intelligence

What’s it about?

This webinar explains the key differences between the NEC4 and NEC3 suite of contracts, and how they work to aid the successful delivery of projects and work programmes and build on NEC3 success to date.

You’ll learn

After attending this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Understand the changes to the Engineering and Construction Contract, and in particular the additional compensation events.
  • Explain why there is a need for NEC4.
  • Describe the changes to the secondary options of the Engineering and Construction Contract. Some of the changes discussed also apply to other long forms of the NEC4 family.

How will they demonstrate that they wouldn’t have already had the staff available to price the CE?

Is the shorter schedule of Cost Components still used for Option B?

Hi @muhammad.qadri default for NEC4 ECC Option B is that the full schedule is used, but on page 95 of the printed contract (in the contract data part 2), you can choose if you wish to use the Shorter schedule for option B. You will need to check your own contract to see what included in your contract.

Are there express clauses for brexit and covid provisions?

@chriscorr Please can you define Scope

In relation to X21, what incentive is there for the contractor to reduce whole life costs?