With the NEC3 Short Contract, how are options accomodated within the Price List given that a 'Total for the Prices' is required at the end of the Price List?

By options do you mean provisional works?

Thanks for coming back to me Chris. By options I mean possible methods of construction for completing a taks identified in the Price List. For example - build wall 50m long x 1.2 high - Option A blockwork with stone facing or Option B precast with stone cladding. The idea is that the tenderer would propose two prices. One wall is to be constructed but using two possible methods of construction. Thanks.

I assume from your notes when you say Option A and B that you don’t mean the ECC Option A and B, ie whether its re-measureable or lump sum, but rather two different wall option a and b.

Under Cl 11.2.(9), the pricelist can contain items that are remeasured and also lump sum items, so while the purpose of this provision is to accommodate some flexible in sharing risk for items of work within the contract, if the description for your two wall options are sufficiently unique, you could potential to include both items on the pricelist and the option not used would be remeasured as nil at a later date.

Both ECC and ECSC don’t have provisions from PC sum or “optional works” as such, but i’d suggest that if this decision can be made before the contract is placed, this could be covered in the enquiry documents. ie you ask the Contractor for two pricelists or two prices and include the acceptable one within the price list before the contract is placed.