NEC ECC: Can you use X Options in the Short Form?

Can you use secondary options in the short form? I know the standard T&C don’t use them, but…

In the ECSC there is a field in Contract Data which states “the conditions of contract are the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Short Contract June 2017 and the following additional conditions”. “Only enter details here if additional conditions are required”

Is this if the Client wishes to incorporate some of the ECC secondary options? Or is it just for Z clause amends?

It would be necessary in such a case to amend the clauses of the secondary
options as necessary to suit the ECSC?

You can ‘cut & paste’ the actual words from the long form secondary option in if you want to. In fact, this is one of the advantages of using an integrated suite of contracts.

However, be aware that the words might not be exactly right, so might well need some minor tweaking. For instance, there is no Project Manager in the short form, so the secondary option involves the Project Manager doing an action, then the PM would need to be changed to the Employer (NEC3)/ Client (NEC4).