NEC - Short Form Contracts

NEC Short Form Contracts do not specify a direct main option (A to F), like the ECC. However, the “Price List” section has a “quantity & rate” section, which is by essentially a BoQ, and a “description & price” section, which is very similar to an option A. Is it fair to say a short form is a mixture of an option A & B, but can’t be used for options C,D,E & F? Please could you give a short overview of these, I have not used one before.

You are right in that the ‘short’ form versions of contract do not have any main options, or (secondary) options either. There are short form versions for the ECC, ECS, PSC, TSC, FMC, FMS and SC contracts which essentially all operate using a Price List.

As you have said there are elements of an option A and B in that some entries will be an ‘item’ whereas others may be a quantity with a corresponding rate. There should be a stated ‘method and rules’ within the Contract Data by which the Price List has been compiled, although any mistakes are dealt with as a compensation event so the Client (Contractor or Purchaser) essentially takes responsibility for the ‘correctness’ of the Price List.

The Price List is used for an assessment of the amount due for payment (also including other components of cost for some forms) and also an assessment for a compensation event is in the form of changes to the Price List.

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