NEC ECC: Use Option A and Option C Under one Contract

We are proposing to award a contract using Options A & C under one contract. the materials will be scheduled under the Option A, with the Installation element under the Option C with incentivisation. the principles seem good and recognise that in the contract data part 1 and 2 this will need eleborating to recognise the 2 options. this would be the preferred method is it keeps the contract under one agreement and can manage any effect from within the procurement or site installation. can you advise if we are overlooking any pitfalls in this approach

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Forgive my cynicism, but combining different Main Options under one contract does not seem a very sensible course of action to be honest. The payment provisions will need to be very carefully and comprehensively amended to allow it to work in practice, including making some significant changes to Defined Terms ie: Prices, Price for Work Done to Date, Contractor’s Share, etc.

Assuming there are no design responsibilities, why not procure the materials under a supply only contract and then let the installation works under a Main Option C contract, with whatever incentivisation you have in mind…