The Site and the Working Area

What is the difference between the Site and the Working Area?
Under our contract (NEC3 - Option C), we have to carry out a drillhole outside the Site according to Works Information (not a PMI).
Should we need to issue a PMI to give access to the Contractor or to change the Site?


The Site is defined by the Employer by reference to the entry in Contract Data part one whereas the Working Areas include the Site but also any other areas referenced in Contract Data part two by the Contractor.

The Employer has a duty to provide access and use of the Site under clause 33.1 however the Project Manager does not have the power to instruct a change to the Site. I suggest you discuss with the Contractor utilising clause 15.1 to add an area to the Working Areas which requires a proposal from the Contractor and acceptance by the Project Manager.


Thank you for your advice