Option B X13:Performance bond

Hi, X13 is included within CDP1 as 10% of my project. Am I correct in saying this has to be an item for the contractor to price in the BoQ?

If not how is it supposed to be reclaimed if the works works are completed successfully?

I suppose you refer to the price for obtaining the bond (i.e. surety premiums etc.) - it does not have to be an item in the BoQ, but it’s not a bad idea as it benefits both; the Employer at tender stage because there can be comparison of the sum allowed, and for the Contractor, because it can recover the bond’s priced sum after the latter is provided. If it’s not included as a separate item in the BoQ, it will be deemed to be included in the Contractor’s tendered total of the Prices.

The form of bond should be set out in the WI, and the schedule to the bond should state when it expires, e.g. upon issuance of the Defects Certificate. I hope this helps.