NEC4 Insurance Table

The Insurance Table is a NEC defined term, with capitals used. Yet it is not defined in clause 11. Surely it would need some form of definition in clause 11 same as the other defined terms?

Also, what is the significance of the NEC4’s modification to the wording of the public liability insurance in the Insurance Table?

Whilst the pedant in me agrees with you the pragmatist in me can’t see how not having a definition causes any uncertainty as to what the insurances the Contractor has to provide?

The word ‘liability’ has been removed from both the third and fourth insurances in the Insurance Table, this is to align with other amendments made to this section of the contract which was formerly entitled ‘risks and insurance’ and is now ‘liabilities and insurance’.

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I just find it odd that with all the drafting panels etc. who looked at the NEC3 and NEC4 over the years that nobody picked up on this obvious omission from clause 11. Pointing it out so hopefully someone does pick up on it in the next iteration. Omissions like this matter to barristers more so than the people using the contract.