NEC4 ECSC Short Form - PI Insurance Provision

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I am currently looking to procure works which will be designed and constructed by the Proposed Contractor & their respective designers. These works will only go over a short period of time (less than 3 months) and the value is not significant and so the current thoughts are to proceed using the NEC4 ECSC. Traditionally under other contract types i would request the Contractor provides PI Insurance but I have reviewed the Insurance table in section 8 and do not believe this is noted as a requirement. Can someone please confirm how this requirement could be incorporated - would it be a Z-clause to amend the table?

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Hi Maximas Yes that should be fine. My NEC4 copy of the contract is in the office, but the NEC3 ECSC only has a couple of references to insurance (82.1 and 63.3), so added it to the insurance table via a Z clause should be simple enough to do. Check the contract to make the drafting works with all the clauses referring to insurance.

Just to add to @chriscorr’s comments, you should also consider including a clause that reduces the contractor’s design liability from ‘fit for purpose’ to ‘using reasonable skill and care’. A good starting point for your Z clause would be X15 in the NEC4 ECC which deals with both PI insurance and design liability.