NEC3 Option C - Prelims in a CE with no delay

A quotation has been submitted for additional works. There is no delay to planned completion however prelims have been included in the quote.

The contractors project team are already at 100% utilisation, so if there’s no delay how is it justifiable to seek recompense in the form of prelims for the same individuals?

Thanks in advance.

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I find that a difficult question to answer without seeing all the details. I would expect Contractor to be explaining why these have been included.

One possible reason why prelims have been included is as you say, the project team is already at 100% utilization / capacity for their in-scope works. Therefore, they need to bring any additional members of the team to provide the works.

Say for example a Site Manager is working full time overseeing the original scope of works in one area of the site but the Compensation Event requires work being done in another area, the Contractor may price for another Site Manager to avoid disrupting the original scope of works.

Obviously they’d need to substantiate this, but something like this isn’t uncommon.