NEC3 ECC - Shorter Schedule of Cost Components Percentages

I was hoping that the reachback community would be able to help me with the theory of how to apply %’s on the example I have below.

Contract is NEC ECC Option A

Direct Fee is 9.5%

Subcontracted Fee is 9.5%

Working Area is “The site”

Data for Shorter Schedule of cost components (SCoCC) is:

People overheads 16%

Equipment Adjustment n/a

Design Overheads 15%

The Contractor has submitted a quote and within this quote there are:

  • The contractors Defined cost in line with the SCoCC mainly:
    • People cost.
    • Materials cost.
  • The subcontractors defined cost in line with the SCoCC mainly:
    • People cost
    • Design costs.

My question to the community is, which percentages apply to each area of the contractor’s quotation?

I’m sure I will have follow up questions but any help on the above will be greatly appreciated.

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Taking each component in turn:


  • Amount paid by Contractor for Contractor’s people + % people overheads = sub total for Contractor’s people

  • Amount paid by Subcontractor for Subcontractor’s people + % people overheads = sub total for Subcontractor’s people

Plant and Materials

  • Payments for purchasing Plant and Materials = sub total for Plant and Materials


  • (Total hours worked by Subcontractor’s employees x hourly rates in Contract Data) + % design overheads = sub total for design

The direct and subcontracted fee percentages are then applied to the relevant components to arrive at a total, in your case as the fee percentages are the same it doesn’t matter but it would be important to apply it correctly if they were different.


Thank you for your response Neil, much appreciated.

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