NEC ECC: Can you have different fee percentages for different costs

Under Option C can you have two Fee Percentages for the different Fee Percentages to apply to different sections from the Schedule of cost components, i.e. a % for Section 1, People and a % for all other sections of the Schedule of Cost Components.

Under CD Part 2 only one fee percentage can be stated

This is now a different answer depending if you are working under NEC3 or NEC4

For NEC3, you have a subcontract fee percentage (to be applied to all subcontractor costs) and direct fee percentage (for everything else). You also have a working area percentage (options C-E) and people percentage (options A-B) which is applied to your people costs within section 1 of the SCC, before direct fee/subcontract fee is applied to the total of all the other amounts.

For NEC4, there is now only one fee to cover the equivalent of Subcontract fee/direct fee/people overhead/working area.