NEC PSC: Option C - Employer Instruction/Employers Assessment

Is there anyway in a contract where you don’t have to ask the consultant for a quotation and can go straight to a Employers Assessment?

Why I ask is that I am expecting to de-scope some work from the consultant, but I am expecting them to add a large value under preparation of the quote, where I know we are not going to agree on the figure anway, as we have had discussions outside of the official instruction to de-scope, so I am likely to make an Employers Assessment anyway.

No I don’t think there is - but what harm will it do to at least have their version of the quote which you can then take a red pen to? Much easier than starting from a blank page. If you instruct the removal of Scope, you request a quote and then you can make your own assessment anyway. Nothing to stop you starting your own assessment either whilst they do their quotation.