NEC3 Option A: Quotations under clause 61.2

Hi, I wonder if anyone may be able to assist?

I am used to submitting quotations to the project manager upon their instruction under Clause 61.1. For these quotations, i use the shorter schedule of cost components for our submissions.

On the contract I am working on now, i have received a request for quotation for a proposed instruction under clause 61.2. Now the NEC guidance states the SSCC is to be used only for compensation events. As this request is not a CE, any guidance available on the format of the quotation?




This should take the same shape as your regular quotations, the purpose of a proposed instruction is to gauge time/cost against other options available. So I would proceed as in exactly the same manner as if it were a regular quotation in order to give the clearest information possible. This will make it easier for the Project Manager to determine if he wishes to choose this option or not.


To add to @adam24m advice I’ll just clarify that the proposed instruction if accepted implements the compensation event under clause 65.1. So yes you should use the SSCC for assessment of Defined Cost.


Really good question - just to throw something in to the mix, is 61.2 offer and acceptance? so the quote can be on that basis but obviously fair and reasonable.


@dave_bates makes a good point for sub-clause 61.2 instructions because there is no ‘dividing date’ to use for a corresponding quotation assessment. This may cause problems in terms of; access, availability of Equipment, Materials and other resources, depending upon when a consequent sub-clause 61.1 instruction is actually given. Although the conditions of contract don’t expressly allow for assumptions to be included with a quotation, it may be a good idea to present these to the PM to formally instruct and thereby ‘qualify’ the quotation.

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