NEC ECSC: What forms the Works Information

Under the ECSC contract does this form of Contract does the Price List form part of the Works Information, (Cl 11.2 (13)?

No, it is a separate contract document which is used in the administration of the financial procedures under the contract, see contract clauses 11.2 (9), 11.2 (10), 50.3 and 62.1.


Many thanks you for your response.

However, nothing in any of the clauses you highlight states that the Price List does not form part of the Works Information.

I have a contractor arguing that it does, and whilst I know it doesn’t I need to provide something that demonstrates that.

The Works Information is defined at clause 11.2 (13) and it expressly states that it is in the document called ‘Works Information’, which I presume the Price List doesn’t.