NEC ECC: Works Information and Price List.

If the Works Information consists of what is shown on the Drawings and included in the Specification only and a Pricing List is also provided (some works shown as an item and other works given as quantities) is our Tender Price for what is in the Works Information only i.e. ( shown on drawings and in the specification) or what is shown in The Works Information and within the Price List.

Contractually, it is only for what is in the Works Information.

However, be aware that, in the building sector, it has been usual for the metro of measurement to, in part, describe the works. Consequently, the Works Information sometime references the Pricing List as part of 'describing the works". If this is the case, then the descriptions in the Price List become part of the Works Information.

Hopefully that doesn’t cause any ambiguity or inconsistency. If it does …
… well, that’s a different question !