NEC ECC: Works Information reference in Contract Data 1

I have received a query from the Employer, with respect to how the Works Information is referenced within Contract Data Part 1.

CD1 notes the Works Information as the specification document reference, with the corresponding scheme drawings listed within Appendix 0/4 of the specification.

The Employer believes presenting the Works Information within CD1 in this way is incorrect, and that a front end document, listing out the components of the Works Information, i.e. specification and list of scheme drawings, is the correct way.

I have never encountered any issue from referencing the specification as the Works Information in CDP1, however would like to see the views of the forum.

You are correct that the intent of the contract is that you just state where within the documents the Works Information is - i.e. it is in appendix B or Section 2.3 of the contract documents. It is not intended that you list out the cover page as to what is in there - that will be the first page of the elements you have pointed out in CD1.

You can also point your Employer to the guidance notes where the authors of the contract have filled one out with a bit of commentary. I do not have it to hand but there they will see the authors have done as you describe just referencing a document where it all is. rather than a big list.

Having said all that - nothing to stop that list being listed out for completeness, but juts a bot cumbersome and means the contract data will be a lot longer than it needs to be.