NEC ECC: What are the procedures for assessing and making interim payments?

Hello I’m currently a student studying NEC4 documents but is unfortunately struggling to find the information for the below question. Could someone offer some light please?

What are the procedures for assessing and making interim payments under the NEC4 ECC and comment on the documents required at each key stage

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The payment procedure is found at core clause 5 of the ECC form.

To understand what the defined terms (capitalised) mean, generally refer to clause 11.2 for a list of definitions.

If it is a UK project then secondary option Y(UK)2 would apply. You may also have other issues to consider, such as retention under secondary option X16.

There are differences with the payment procedure depending on what main option is used. The ‘pricing document’ (activity schedule or BoQ) is used for the ‘lump sum’ options A and B, but for the ‘cost reimbursable’ options C, D and E, Defined Cost is assessed in accordance with the Schedule of Cost Components. If a ‘target cost’ option C or D then a share calculation will also apply, see clause 54.

The best way to understand the procedure is to tabulate the various ‘action dates’ with cross referencing to the applicable sub-clauses. Start with the payment assessment date and the assessment interval and work everything else around these.