NEC ECC: Payment of Defined Cost under Option C

Under NEC3 ECC Main Option C, we applied for Defined Cost in line with 52.1. The Project Manager has made the assessment that the Application for Payment should be actual cost plus the percentages in the Contract Data which contradicts 52.1?

It should be Defined Cost which is in accordance with rules specified in accordance in the contract. That includes clause 52.1 and the relevant percentages in the Contract Data part 2 which are applied to the Schedule of Cost Components.

I suspect I need a bit more detail to answer this fully.

To add to what Jon has said, Defined Cost is a defined term at 11.2 (23) which details what an assessment should consider.

It may be, from what you have said, that the issue lies with the format of the application for payment, which, although not an NEC3 requirement, is a common NEC3 amendment to include for this.