NEC ECC: What about maternity pay and also paternity pay?

Also with maternity pay, what if the period of maternity leave extends beyond the contract end? Would maternity pay up to the contract end be covered?

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The last sentence of the opening para of the Schedule of Cost Components states β€œAn amount is included only in one cost component and only if it is incurred in order to Provide the Works.”

So if the works have finished, then it can not be incurred in providing them.

but as per the question, up until the end of the contract is covered?

It would depend upon whether the person is actually working on Providing the Works. Usually a calculated day rate would take account of any absences, so that each day paid will accrue an amount towards these. If a person is not working on the project then they are not going to get paid whether they are on sick leave, annual leave, maternity / paternity leave or even company wide training which is not related to the project.