NEC ECC: Can the Project Manager after issuing an Instruction to "Stop Works" and the 13 weeks have lapsed , mutually agree on and extension for the stop instruction to continue?

Instruction to stop work issued (20/11/2018)
Termination process effective 13 weeks (19/02/2019)

Can the Project Manager requested or mutually agree with the Contractor to extend this Stop Work Instruction?

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Termination is a right not an obligation, so there would be nothing to stop you from agreeing to extend the period of suspension of the works. The right to terminate also only actually applies, under clause 91.6, where the suspension relates to ‘substantial’ work, whatever that means.

As the matter is a compensation event under clause 60.1 (4), unless due to a fault of the Contractor, then it is advisable to discuss with the PM what measures you are required to take in relation to the suspended portion and for a PM assumption stating how long the suspension is to continue for, which you can then use to base the corresponding quotation on.

Under clause 34 the PM should instruct you to either re-start work or remove the work from the Scope, although in your situation the PM instruction would essentially confirm the length of time that the suspension is to remain in place for.