NEC ECC: Can anyone provide a concise bullet overview of the key difference between NEC 3 and NEC 4, then NEC 3 and the ICE form respectively

I would appreciate if anyone can point me towards some online resources which note the concise key points on the differences between:
NEC 3 and NEC 4
NEC 3 and the ICE form of contract

I am aware there are extensive courses available but I am just looking for a handful of bullet points and more importantly something free and readily available

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Below is a link where you will find my clause by clause review of what is new in each NEC4 contract compared to the NEC3 version (I have done guides for ECC, ECS, PSC, TSC and ECSC) which I trust you will find very useful - and yes they are free!


In addition to Glenn’s document below have a look at the supplemental agreement Glenn and I put together to transition NEC3 to NEC4. Not quite what you are after but it does pick up the most useful stuff (

Also have a look at the NEC4 supplement I wrote while at my previous firm which picks up the key issues, not as bullets but with some explanation (

These are free also!