NEC ECC: Could anyone please put up the full list of roles and reSponsibilities for NEC4 please.

I understand that some of the roles have changed between NEC3 & NEC4.
I would like a full list of the roles and responsibilities to compare against MF1 IET contracts.

For the ECC form the parties are the Client and Contractor with administrative roles for the Project Manager and Supervisor. Further named roles are; Others, Subcontractor, Senior Representative, Adjudicator and Tribunal. Optional clauses also provide for Information Provider (X10) Promoter, Partners, Core Group (X12) Supplier, Named Supplier (Y(UK)1) beneficiary (Y(UK)3).

The responsibilities for each are reasonably extensive with the Contractor having the most actions and obligations under the contract, followed by the Project Manager.

Essentially the Client facilitates the construction and pays for the work, the Contractor undertakes the works, the Project Manager administers the contract (on behalf of the Client) and the Supervisor assumes responsibility for quality control issues.

Some of the actions have changed between NEC3 and NEC4, with the introduction of new requirements or procedures and revision to existing procedures, although the basic principles remain the same. The Employer under NEC3 is now called the Client ,

Thanks Andrew much appreciated

Andrew has given you a good overview, it’s not possible to list out all the roles and responsibilities for all parties in the contract as that basically requires reproduction of the whole contract. I suggest you obtain a copy of the book NEC3 and NEC4 Compared which gives you a clause by clause analysis of all of the changes that were made.