NEC ECC: Can an accepted programme under NEC be retracted for a wrong contract Completion Date

Contract Completion date moved by impact of a compensation event by 5 weeks, the Contractor added an additional 4 weeks totaling 9 weeks as contractor float, to prevent further confusion and have a programme to work to, the client Project Manager accepted the programme. Can this now be revoked?.

No the accepted programme can not be “revoked” or unaccepted. However, the Project Manager can instruct a new programme to be issued for acceptance showing the correct contractual Completion Date and if it is not changed reject that programme.

I would not have accepted that programme but got them to revise it and then once correct then accepted it. If both Parties were willing that could have all happened within 24 hours.

The mechanism to move Completion Date is only through an implemented compensation event. If there is not one, then Completion Date should not have moved.

If there is a compensation event on the programme not yet agreed - it will move planned Completion, and then Completion Date only then moved once the CE is implemented