NEC ECC: Accepted programme

Am I correct then in assuming that if the PM accepts a programme (cl32) with a planned Completion delayed by 1 wk due to the notified CE (unaccepted) of a 2wks duration the Completion Date is unaffected.

Thus when the PM assesses the CE at 1wks duration, planned Completion will be the same as the completion date thus no change to the project Completion date.

Not quite sure what you are asking in your question. Completion Date moves the same amount as Planned Completion moved due to the compensation event. If planned Completion was two weeks earlier than Completion Date on the accepted programme, the Contractor has two weeks terminal float which the Contractor owns. If the CE moves planned Completion by one week, once the CE is implemented it will move Completion Date by one week.

It is just a question of timing as to what milestone moves when depending on when the programme is submitted and when the CE is implemented (agreed). However - that is the precise reason the contract has these two distinctly different milestones. I always say planned Completion is “reality”, with Completion date indicating “liability”.

Apologies, the above question was a follow up to your reply to “Accepted Programme with un agreed CE durations within it”

OK - you might want to repeat the question then as not quite sure what the stand alone question was here?

What ever duration has been shown in a programme issued for acceptance is irrelevant in terms of liability/entitlement. If the Accepted Programme showed a CE duration of two weeks, but in the CE assessment it was judged it should have only been a week, then the programme will be assessed based on a one week CE and its effect at that point on planned Completion, if any.