NEC ECC: Contractor submitted a programme requesting several weeks beyond Completion Date

Agreed and implementation of 2 CE’s resulted in Two weeks delay to completion date but in contractors submission of a revised programme they are now playing further 6 weeks extension of time. This is due to the contractors lack of progress on-site and realistically the time requested seems reasonable to the current progress onsite.

I don’t want to accept as this time element was no fault to Client. If accepted them any future CE’s that are implemented will start from this date of acceptance.

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This is why there is a contractual requirement to show a “planned Completion” and a “Completion Date” milestone separately. The Contractor shows where they plan to finish, compared to contractually when they have to finish to avoid paying delay damages. A Completion Date can only be moved with an implemented compensation event. It sounds like your first two compensation events agreed that planned Completion had moved by two weeks so therefore Completion Date was entitled to be moved by two weeks.

Any further lack of progress by Contractor should show planned Completion moving, but with no entitlement to move Completion Date if this is not due to the effects of a compensation event.