NEC 4 Option C, Pain gain

If the employer supplies an activity schedule and their measures on the drawing are incorrect. Will the extra area go to a CE? Also will this cost be added to the PWDD for pain gain share percentage?

By your comment that the measures on the drawing are incorrect I’m assuming that they do not align with measures stated in the Activity Schedule. The Activity Schedule is not Works Information/Scope and the Contractor is responsible for the sufficiency of the total of Prices. Therefore if the Activity Schedule wording is wrong it is the Contractor’s risk (shared via the pain/gain) and no CE would be necessary.

If your comment that the measures on the drawings are incorrect is because they do not reflect the work required then the drawings should be reissued and that would be a change in the Works Information/Scope and therefore a CE (subject to any comments on the drawings).

The cost (Defined Cost + Fee) will be included in the PWDD, whether the Prices get adjusted or not will depend upon if there is a CE or not.