How do we submit a SSoCC for consultants employed by us if they on a monthly fixed fee and we have no access to their employees direct cost?

We have hired a company to provide services only (labour) i.e contracts administration, safety officer, etc on a fixed monthly fee. We have no access to the actual cost of their employees as we want the services only but the Employer wants a SSoCC to indicate all the people rates/costs for CE’s should they arise. Do we treat our service provider as a subcontractor or must they submit the actual costs for us to include in our SSoCC?

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To answer, I will assume you are on an option A or B Engineering and Construction Contract.

It seems that these people come under the third bullet point of People 1 in the Shorter Schedule of Cost Components (the SSoCC as you refer to it), as they are not directly employed by you but are paid according to the time worked in the Working Areas, even if the unit of that time is a month. This sounds like a long unit of time, but professional staff are often paid on the same basis !

Given this, they would be paid under bullet 11 of the SSoCC as “Amounts paid by the Contractor” with the cost “meeting the requirements of the law and for pension provision” falling upon the organisation you are hiring them through.

I should add, given the above, you just have to demonstrate the cost that you pay to the organisation that you hire them through which, in accordance with clause 52.1, would include “all discounts, rebates and taxes which can be recovered.”