ECC NEC3: Option A - Do self-employed/agency staff, in CE Assessments, have the people overhead and fee applied OR the sub-contract fee only?

CE quotations include staff who are working for the Contractor on a self-employed/agency basis and are paid for at a day rate.

EXAMPLE - £300/day x 5 days = £1,500.00 (CD2 states people O/H of 20%, Direct Fee of 10% and S/C Fee of 10%)

When assessing the CE quotations which fees should apply to this element?;

A - £1,500.00 +20% = £1,800.00 +10%(Direct Fee) = £1,980.00

B - £1,500 +10%(S/C Fee) = £1,650.00

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self employed/labour only do not fall under the definition of a Subcontractor 11.2(17). Therefore the correct assessment is your option A.