NEC3 ECC: Categories of people in SSCC

Is subcontract labour that is paid on a hourly rate classed under the third bullet point of people in the SSoCC?

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The third bullet of Item 1 in the SSCC reflects 14 of the full schedule. These provisions are both aimed at ensuring that the cost of labour only subcontracts are properly recovered by the Contractor. So the answer to your question is generally going to be yes.

The first wrinkle may appear under options C, D and E where there could be an issue over whether these people are a People Cost or a subcontractor (the difference being the fee percentage that may be applied to them).

The second wrinkle that may appear if you have a working area overhead (item 4) and the labour being provided amounts to a service for catering, security etc as listed in the third bullet under 41. This is quite complicated however and has been the subject of other questions and answers within Reachback.