ECC Option C Contract - WI

The Supervisor on the project is very particular about the type of coffee to be provided in the Site offices for the Supervisor . They convince you that an expensive coffee machine should be provided by the Contractor together with an allowance of 300 coffee pods per month to be used in the machine.

What should the Project Manager do to arrange for the Contractor to do this? How would the Contractor be reimbursed for the cost it incurs?

It is discovered through inspecting the Contractor ’s accounts and records that the Contractor ’s planner has been charged full time to the project. However, 4 out of 5 days a week are spent by the planner at the Contractor ’s head office.

How does the contract deal with this and what should be paid in respect of the planner’s work?

In Contract Data part two, the Contractor has left the direct fee percentage entry blank. You speak to the Contractor about this and you are told that, it thought Contract Data part two had been completed properly, but nevertheless it should be 11% and the Contractor now wants to include this in Contract Data part two. You are told, verbally, that ‘in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation’ you should agree.

What does the contract state about such a scenario? Is the Project Manager able to change Contract Data? How might this be resolved and how should this be recorded?

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You really need to answer the exam questions yourself.