NEC ECC: Under option D, what happens if a work item is included in the Works Information but was excluded in the Bill of Quantities?

If a work item in the Works Information was later found to be excluded in the Bill of Quantities, is the Contractor entitled to a Compensation Event?

Yes, in accordance with Clause 60.6 the PM should correct the mistake in the BoQ which would be a compensation event (assuming the work item was not covered by the item coverage of the stated BoQ items).

As a follow-up question, if an item in the BOQ was not constructed in actual, can the PM delete this item in the BOQ and will become a CE which will reduce the Price?
For specifics, our BOQ contains temporary facilities item which covers construction of covered parking and canteen. However, the Contractor did not construct such in actual. Can the PM remove the forecast Defined Cost for such in the Price?