When remeasuring works in NEC3 ECC Option D "Total of the Prices", should this include elements of testing/inspection?

We operate a framework contract in which the contractor prepares the Bill of Quantities. This would include permament works quanitites, temporary works quantities and items of testing. In clause 11.2(33) the Total of the Prices is defined as the quantity of work which the Contractor has completed for each item in the BoQ multiplied by the rate".

The question is initially if the contractor has allowed a quantity of testing or inspection within the BoQ (e.g. number of concrete test cubes) - is this remeasured in the Total of the Prices?

Also does this apply to items of temporary works (e.g. a 250m haul road has been estimated in the BoQ, but on only a 180m long haul road is provided)?

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The high level answer to this question is β€˜Yes’ as in the Total of the Prices is a cumulative total which develops as the contract progresses based on quantities of work done and lump sum items completed.

However, this does not necessarily mean that they are re-measured ! If a change in quantities compared with that in the original bill satisfies the criteria in clause 60.4, then the CHANGE in quantities is assessed using Defined Cost + Fee. These are then added into the BoQ using the rules in 63.13, so that the Total of the Prices develops as per my first paragraph.

Practically,to do this strictly in accordance with the contract is fraugh with difficulties !